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Navigant Research forecasts a $40 billion market for microgrids by 2020. Such growth is no surprise when you consider the pressing energy problems microgrids solve.

For high tech economies, microgrids provide the clean, reliable, high quality power they need to stay competitive.  For the developing world, microgrids offer first-time access to the lights, running water and basic electrical necessities many rural villages lack.

Microgrid Knowledge helps you tap into this fast-growing market. The first independent news site designed to advance the adoption of microgrids, Microgrid Knowledge attracts:

  • Microgrid developers, operators and vendors
  • Microgrid users, among them businesses, utilities, manufacturers, stores, commercial eco-parks, data centers, research facilities, hospitals, governments, green builders, and others that seek reliable, clean and efficient energy
  • Policymakers and regulators who shape the market rules for microgrid adoption

By sponsoring Microgrid Knowledge, your business builds awareness before this key audience and grows sales as the microgrid market advances worldwide.

Your sponsorship supports a message that the era of the microgrid has arrived – a message that the  industry must convey now, as policymakers and regulators begin to form the rules that will shape the future of  microgrids.  Debate is underway about grid connection, standby charges, tariffs, net metering, equipment ownership, franchise rights, utility cost recovery, sale of ancillary services, and other issues that will influence how quickly the world adopts microgrids.

By sponsoring Microgrid Knowledge, you lend voice to the debate.

Build your brand,  generate sales leads and showcase your activities and thought leadership through the following Microgrid Knowledge sponsorship opportunities.

  • Online advertising programs to build awareness, web traffic and market leadership
  • Guest columnist opportunities to showcase thought leadership
  • White paper lead generation programs
  • Custom content creation: articles, newsletters, social media, white papers, and reports from experts who understand the microgrid landscape

To find out more, please call Kevin Normandeau at 508-259-8570

To receive a copy of the Microgrid Knowledge Media Kit, email Kevin@MicrogridKnowledge.com

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