How Utilities Can Unlock the Full Potential of Residential Demand Response

More and more, utilities are choosing demand response (DR) as a way to balance grid operations, lower energy prices for consumers, and integrate renewable resources like solar power. Utilities have traditionally relied on large commercial customers to achieve those results. Yet residential customers represent a huge, untapped DR resource. The … [Read more...]

V2G Has a Role in Your Microgrid Strategy

Vehicle to Grid, or V2G,  technology can play a key role in a microgrid's ability to provide grid reliability.  Each electric car can send up to 10 kW of power back to the grid. Organizations with large fleets of electric cars can provide a balancing reserve to a utility – reducing the need for energy generation construction. A V2G charging station … [Read more...]

Military Microgrid: Fort Bliss Case Study

Fort Bliss located in El Paso, Texas is a military microgrid featuring an Energy Storage System from Princeton Power Systems. Overview: Princeton Power Systems provided its Energy Storage System (ESS) as a back-up source and energy resource for a new microgrid system at the U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss in Texas. Princeton Power Systems is the … [Read more...]

Launch of Microgrid Knowledge

“Microgrid Knowledge” News Website Launches to Cover the $40 Billion Microgrid Industry: Microgrids Can Keep Lights On, Provide Clean Energy Energy Efficiency Markets has launched the first independent, international news and feature website dedicated solely to the microgrid market—an industry expected to be worth $40 … [Read more...]

Firm Looks to Make Investments in Energy Efficiency Companies

A positive sign for any industry is the flow of investment capital. is seeing an increase in the number of firms looking to make investments in energy efficiency companies. We publish these sponsored announcements to help industry executives find access to capital and other resources that they need. Bywater Corporate … [Read more...]

Steven Nadel to be Inducted into Energy Efficiency Forum Hall of Fame

Steven Nadel, executive director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), will be inducted today into the 25th annual Energy Efficiency Forum Hall of Fame. The recognition honors leaders committed to global energy efficiency and its positive impact on the environment, national security and economic growth. "I am honored to … [Read more...]

Commercial Microgrid Stimulates Economic Development

This commercial microgrid case study is a prime example of how a microgrid can stimulate the economy for a region. It also shows how forward looking government agencies and technology providers can collaborate to help bring advanced economy businesses into a region by implementing smart energy strategies. The New York City Economic … [Read more...]

Finding Hidden Energy Waste

The first step to reducing building energy costs is identifying energy waste. Statistics on utility bills or name plates on equipment, while useful, are not enough to identify what practices and equipment are contributing to high energy use. In this 12-page best practices guide from Onset Computing you’ll learn how portable data loggers can be … [Read more...]

Economics of Renewables and Efficiency

Recently, my wife and I made a cross country trip from Norfolk Virginia to San Diego. Passing through Texas just west of Amarillo, there were large beautiful wind turbines as far as the eye could see. This majestic sight prompted a conversation regarding the benefits and challenges of renewables, both solar and wind as compared to energy … [Read more...]

The Utility of the Future

The utility industry is in the midst of a massive transformation. As we plot a path to the future, through a shifting and challenging new landscape, it raises a key question: How will utilities evolve in a world where loads are declining, distributed generation is decreasing in price and increasing in volume, and capital costs for new … [Read more...]