Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Issues RFP for Energy Efficient Refrigeration Program

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is seeking assistance with its program for energy efficient refrigeration system operations and maintenance practices. The organization seeks a contractor to collaborate on its  Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist initiative. The program … [Read more...]

Largest Energy Storage Project Yet in California Schools..and other Quick Energy Efficiency News

Green Charge Networks has inked a deal to install the largest energy storage project to date in a California school district, a 7.4 MWh system for San Diego's Grossmont Union High School District. The lithium battery systems will be placed at 14 sites in nine school district locations and used to target peak demand reduction. Green Charge … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Where to Test Your Bright Ideas for Smart Cities…Pepco Energy Strikes Big Military Deal

Here’s a chance to see what’s ahead for smart cities when it comes to lighting. Powertech and Current have teamed to create an Intelligent Cities innovation lab at Powertech’s research campus in British Columbia. The lab will quickly prototype and validate of technologies for high-priority use cases. It will explore smart lighting, sensors, … [Read more...]

NV Energy Wants More Efficiency, But Regulators Cut Programs

NV Energy wants more efficiency -- but regulators in Nevada are calling for less. In this interview (see player above), Tom Polikalas, Nevada representative, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, describes the battle over energy efficiency now being played out in Nevada. Last July, NV Energy said its residential lighting programs in southern … [Read more...]

Appliance Standards Change the World in 2015 – Quietly  

Appliance standards don’t get the same attention as international climate talks in Paris or renewed U.S. solar tax credits. Yet they have a profound impact on the environment and energy economy -- especially the historic standards announced last week by the U.S. government. The Department of Energy (DOE) issued new standards for rooftop air … [Read more...]

Energy Harvesting Helps Power Sensors for the Internet of Things

Energy harvesting can power the many sensors that are associated with the Internet of Things, says Terry Pennisi, CEO and founder of  Jennova in this podcast interview (click on the player above to listen). When there's energy available as the result of fans or motors running, this energy can be harvested to power things like sensors that send … [Read more...]

Energy-Harvesting Sensors Eliminate the Need for Batteries in Some Applications

Energy-harvesting sensors that are made of fabric and eliminate the need for batteries in some applications are the focus of this podcast interview with Keith McMillen, CEO and founder of BeBop Sensors. Listen by clicking on the player above. McMillen's unique smart sensors--which grew out of his work creating musical instruments-can be used in … [Read more...]

No Up-Front Energy Efficiency Measure Costs for these Higher Ed Institutions

Like a lot of budget-minded energy users, higher education institutions like the idea of paying no up-front energy efficiency measure costs. These institutions are an important energy efficiency market -- in the US they spend about $14 billion annually on energy costs, according to the DOE. One energy efficiency provider, BuildingIQ, charges no … [Read more...]

Move Over Solar, Time to Welcome Industrial Energy Efficiency: Pew Report

‘Industrial energy efficiency’ doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as solar. But when it comes to cleaning up the air and keeping the lights on, it’s got a lot to offer. That’s why industrial energy efficiency is on a growth trajectory in the U.S. -- not as fast as some would hope, but expanding nonetheless. Characterized largely by combined … [Read more...]

What Ecova’s Acquisition of Retroficiency Says about Disruptive Energy

If you’re wondering if there really is a business case for disruptive energy, look no further than Retroficiency’s story. The small Boston-based energy analytics company announced last week that it has been acquired by Ecova, a major U.S. energy efficiency player that serves 50 utilities and has delivered 108 terawatt hours of energy savings over … [Read more...]