Massachusetts to Offer $10M for Energy Storage Demonstration Projects

Massachusetts sent a clear signal today that its new administration plans to continue the state’s march into the world of disruptive energy tech with plans for a $10 million energy storage program.The previous administration of Gov. Deval Patrick (D) helped make the state a green-energy leader, including maintaining a multiple-year top national … [Read more...]

Utilities Embracing Disruptive Energy, Non-Wires Alternatives

Utilities appear to be increasingly embracing disruptive energy as a business opportunity, rather than opposing it -- albeit with some nudging from their regulators.The trend is particularly pronounced in New York, where this week Consolidated Edison -- one of the oldest and largest U.S. utilities -- indicated it intends to lead the way.At the … [Read more...]

Cuba Offers Opportunity for U.S. Energy Companies. But When?

The power flickered off four times in the 2 ½ hours that Darren Hammell waited at Cuba’s Santa Clara airport for his return flight to the United States last month. This departing experience underscored what he had learned on his trip: There is work for U.S. energy companies in the Caribbean's largest island.But how quickly that work materializes … [Read more...]

Global Energy Storage Market to Grow 15-fold over Four Years: IHS

Colorado-based IHS is forecasting a 15-fold increase in energy storage used with solar. The research firm sees energy storage reaching 3.6 GW by 2018, up from 231 MW in 2014.The company released the forecast Monday at the SNEC 9th (2015) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai.IHS said that the … [Read more...]

Chasing Energy Storage: Can Policy Keep up with Markets?

With energy storage advancing quickly in the electric power industry, policy finds itself chasing markets. The rules of the road have yet to be sorted out, yet energy storage already is racing ahead.Energy storage companies are announcing deals, partnerships, financing,  innovations and new customers almost daily.“Since 2013, the market had … [Read more...]

New York Continues Grid Shake-up with Plans for New Electric Power Research Lab

New York continues to show how serious it is about shaking up the electricity sector, this time with plans to build a major electric power research lab.The New York Power Authority has pledged $35 million for the facility, which it will create in partnership with the State University of New York (SUNY) Polytechnic Institute.Want to know more … [Read more...]

Luxury NY Buildings to Bolster Grid with Energy Storage; Princeton Power Systems Wins Contract

A company that manages luxury real estate is planning a first-of-its kind energy storage aggregation for New York City as a way to bolster the grid and improve power reliability for the indiviual bulidings.Glenwood will install the 1  MW of energy storage in its Manhattan luxury rental properties.The project, which will use Princeton Power … [Read more...]

Disruptive Energy is here…And it’s Changing Energy Efficiency Markets

You’ve probably noticed more stories about distributed energy, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid, fuel cells and other disruptive energy technologies.These technologies aren’t always placed under the energy efficiency umbrella. But they should be.Many people think of energy efficiency as switching out light bulbs in homes, greening buildings, or … [Read more...]

Getting Control Over a Building’s Electric Appetite: The Latest in Energy Monitoring

We all know the big numbers. Buildings gobble up nearly three quarters of electricity in the U.S. But to really save energy, we need to know the particulars of each building's appetite -- and control it.Hence, technologies for energy monitoring, control and automation are becoming increasingly important. The global market for wireless sensor … [Read more...]

Hello Local Energy, Bye Old Power Industry, Say New York Regulators with Key Vote

New York, where the power industry began over a century ago, might be where it ends too. At least the power industry as we know it today.The state’s electric regulators made that clear February 26 when they took a key vote creating an electricity marketplace that elevates new, local energy over big central power plants and long transmission … [Read more...]