Maryland Offers $4M in Combined Heat and Power Grants

The Maryland Energy Administration is now accepting applications for combined heat and power grants to be used by industrial and critical infrastructure facilities. The state plans to make $4.025 million available for CHP installations. Of that $1.525 million will go toward industrial CHP, $1.5 million for critical facilities and $1 million for … [Read more...]

Where Do We Go Now, Energy Efficiency Community?

Not so long ago compact flourescent lights were transformational. Today they are pretty much what many people pick up at the store when they need lights (unless they are buying LEDs.) So what will the next phase of energy efficiency look like? That’s the question asked and answered in a new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient … [Read more...]

Organizations Sign International MOU to Boost District Energy and Combined Heat and Power

District energy and combined heat and power received an international boost with a recent agreement between the International District Energy Association (IDEA) and key organizations in Korea, China, Europe and the Mongol Government. US-based IDEA signed the memorandum of agreement with the Korea District Heating & Cooling Association, the … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Instead of a New Natural Gas Pipeline for New England?

In energy circles, it’s been a given for years that New England lacks adequate natural gas pipeline. Calls to build more pipeline heightened after natural gas prices soared in the bitter cold winters of 2012/13 and 2013/14. But a new report sponsored by GDF Suez Energy North America challenges the need for the pipeline, in part because of New … [Read more...]

How the Clean Power Plan Will Spur More Microgrids…Eventually

The Clean Power Plan is likely to spur more microgrid development, offering a new and different kind of public policy support for these mini-versions of the larger grid. But not overnight. Announced by the Environmental Protection Agency this week, the rule requires that states come up with plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions from electric power … [Read more...]

A New York Town Creates a Community Microgrid from Existing Energy Infrastructure

  The following is an excerpt from Community Microgrids, A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy, the latest guide in's Think Microgrid series. Jamestown, New York, offers a good example of a community microgrid design that begins by incorporating existing energy … [Read more...]

Not to Worry. The Clean Power Plan is Still Very Good for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a building block in the Clean Power Plan, released in final form by the Obama Administration August 3. But our sources tell us that’s not a bad thing -- as counter-intuitive as it may seem. In fact, the carbon reduction plan will give energy efficiency a very big boost, as expected all along. Why did the EPA remove … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Making Money on Home Demand Response…Fuel Cell Deals…Opower’s Latest Update

A tariff change at the PJM Interconnection will create a new way for residential demand response to earn revenue in the wholesale market, effective this week. The change means that residential demand response resources can now participate in PJM’s synchronized reserve market. Demand response company Comverge helped win the change by providing … [Read more...]

Avoiding Mistakes and Managing Challenges in Developing Community Microgrids

Before developing a community microgrid, it's important to engage the right experts and take into account certain market challenges, as detailed in this except from  “Community Microgrids: A Guide for Mayors and City Leaders Seeking Clean, Reliable and Locally Controlled Energy.” The value of a microgrid lies in its sophisticated ability to offer … [Read more...]

Financing Community Microgrids: An Excerpt from Our New Community Microgrid Guide

Financing community microgrids may require piecing together funding from a variety of potential sources. Each project requires a customized approach, and an evaluation of not only costs, but also potential revenue sources. When you first seek out financing for a municipal microgrid, your team should assess your organization’s credit quality, the … [Read more...]