Microgrid Case Study: Illinois Institute of Technology

In this microgrid case study we look at how the Illinois Institute of Technology increased power reliability and saved millions in electrical system upgrades by installing a smart microgrid.Background The Main Campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago was experiencing one to three major outages per year, each costing an … [Read more...]

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

The University of Massachusetts Medical Center's combined heat and power system serves a 60-acre campus with a district energy loop. The campus expanded its system in 2010 and not only increased its capacty, but also its efficiency. In doing so, the center lowered its unit costs and improved its environmental profile.Here the university … [Read more...]

Montefiore Medical Center

New York's Montefiore Medical Center was one of the heroes of SuperStorm Sandy, thanks to its Solar Turbines' combined heat and power system. The power stayed on at Montefiore as the lights went out around it. Montefiore was able to serve not only its own patients, but also took-in newborns from another facility where back-up generators … [Read more...]

Cornell University

To improve efficiency and reduce emissions, Cornell University replaced coal-fired boilers in 2009 with two 15 MWe Titan 130 gas turbine generator sets for its combined heat and power plant.Previously, the campus in Ithaca, New York, purchased 80 percent of its electricity from the local utility. The duel-fueled turbines now fulfill 80 percent … [Read more...]

V2G Has a Role in Your Microgrid Strategy

Vehicle to Grid, or V2G,  technology can play a key role in a microgrid's ability to provide grid reliability.  Each electric car can send up to 10 kW of power back to the grid. Organizations with large fleets of electric cars can provide a balancing reserve to a utility – reducing the need for energy generation construction. A V2G charging station … [Read more...]

Military Microgrid: Fort Bliss Case Study

Fort Bliss located in El Paso, Texas is a military microgrid featuring an Energy Storage System from Princeton Power Systems.Overview: Princeton Power Systems provided its Energy Storage System (ESS) as a back-up source and energy resource for a new microgrid system at the U.S. Army’s Fort Bliss in Texas. Princeton Power Systems is the … [Read more...]

Commercial Microgrid Stimulates Economic Development

This commercial microgrid case study is a prime example of how a microgrid can stimulate the economy for a region. It also shows how forward looking government agencies and technology providers can collaborate to help bring advanced economy businesses into a region by implementing smart energy strategies.The New York City Economic … [Read more...]