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Why Do Americans Invest in Energy Efficiency?

Why do Americans invest in energy efficiency? Do they want to combat global warming, make their homes more comfortable, save money or take advantage of tax rebates? A survey of 2,100 Americans by Harris conducted for HomeServeUSA found that their top reason for investing in energy efficiency is to save money, says Myles Meehan,  a spokesman for … [Read more...]

Robots Climb Walls to Prevent Power Plant Outages

Everyone wants to prevent power plant outages: Utility customers  don't want to go without power. And power plant owners especially want to avoid outages because they're costly and often require them to resort to using replacement power based on dirty fuels. Enter the wall-climbing robots from Gecko Robotics. Magnetic adhesion technology allows … [Read more...]

Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for Energy Efficiency Now that the Clean Power Plan Has Been Delayed?

NRDC's Dylan Sullivan details why the 'glass' for energy efficiency is not only half full but may be overflowing, despite the recent court stay on the U.S. Clean Power Plan. Is energy efficiency's glass half-full or half-empty after the U.S. Supreme Court's recent stay of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which limits power plant carbon dioxide … [Read more...]

Big Energy Efficiency Gains in Tiny Rhode Island: National Grid

National Grid has seen big energy efficiency gains in tiny Rhode Island, the smallest state geographically in the U.S. In this podcast interview (click the player above), Laura Rodormer and Matthew Ray, senior strategic business analysts for National Grid, describe three programs: How customers use home energy reports A program that gets … [Read more...]

Energy Intelligence Is Essential to Smarter Energy Use

Exactly what kind of energy system might a dog lover living in a house built in the 1990s be likely to install? Tendril's Chris Black explains how energy intelligence opens the door for deep insight into people and how they live. We citizens of the world must change the way we consume energy. Both the recent climate change agreement in Paris along … [Read more...]

Don't Swap Wives; Swap Energy Management Teams

If you swap energy management teams with another business, just what will you learn? In this podcast (click on the player above), Maria Vargas, director of the Better Buildings Challenge, describes what Whole Foods and Hilton Worldwide learned when they swapped energy management teams in San Francisco. The program is roughly modeled after "Wife … [Read more...]

Feds, Corporate Conscience, and Youth Spur Boom in Energy Efficiency Finance

The energy efficiency finance market has come into its own, and is now characterizied by more than $100 billion in annual loan originations, according to a white paper released yesterday by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. “Since rebounding after the Great Recession, the energy efficiency finance market has expanded both in … [Read more...]

Beautiful LED Lighting Displays Show that Energy Efficiency is about Aesthetics Too

Energy efficiency isn't just about saving energy; nor is it just about improving comfort. It's about aesthetics too, as evidenced by the growing number of beautiful LED lighting displays. Check out, for example, the re-lit LED lighting installation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, designed by artist Leo Villareal with equipment from Royal … [Read more...]

Spur Action on Energy Efficiency with These Creative Ideas from a Behavior Expert

It's no secret that motivating people to take action on energy efficiency isn't always easy. Sure, there are the energy nerds who love to control their energy usage from their phones. But what about the non-nerds? Brian Southwell, a senior research scientist at the research institute RTI International and lead editor of “Innovations in Home … [Read more...]

California Sets World's Strongest Energy Efficiency Standards for Small Directional Light Bulbs

NRDC's Noah Horowitz explains new light bulb energy efficiency standards in California that are expected to cut the state's annual electricity bill by more than $400 million. The California Energy Commission (CEC) made history again today when it set minimum energy efficiency standards for small diameter directional light bulbs used for accent, … [Read more...]