Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Navigant Research, Philips, Eaton, Greensmith

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This week in energy efficiency news…

Eaton launched its Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution System, a microgrid management solution engineered to enhance the efficiency, reliability and safety of military forward operating bases. The new system can transform independently operating generators into a demand-managed microgid. This can reduce energy waste and provide bases with enhanced power surety by preventing grid collapse caused by generator fault, and by shifting demand onto supporting generators for a reliable, safe supply of power. In initial testing at U.S. military base Fort Devens, the systems reduced fuel consumption in excess of 30 percent.

More about Eaton’s Intelligent Mobile Power Distribution System

Navigant Research released a new report, which finds that worldwide sales of luminaires and lamps for high-bay lighting applications will grow from 8.3 billion annually in 2014 to 54.7 million by 2021. Previously, LED technology was not able to meet the requirements of high-bay lighting, which must illuminate spaces from afar while minimizing contrast, reducing glare, and meeting strict safety standards.  In 2013, however, several promising high-bay LED products were launched, and the high-bay lighting market is set for a rapid shift.

More about Navigant Research’s new LED report

Philips gave office workers control of the lighting in open plan offices as well as temperature in meeting rooms, to suit their individual preferences. Their smartphones will detect their location from overhead lighting fixtures via an app. The system also offers benefits for facility managers, enabling them to realize energy usage efficiencies.

More about Philips’ new office lighting and temperature control via smartphones

Greensmith said its on track to successfully integrate an additional four new battery types in 2014, using its battery-agnostic technology platform, now in its fourth generation. With over 23 MW of energy storage capacity to be deployed in 2014, Greensmith batteries enable frequency regulation, grid stability/deferral, renewable integration and commercial/industrial functionality.

More about Greensmith’s four new battery types

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