Maryland County Extends Deadline for Microgrid Bids Due to Strong Response

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Montgomery County, Maryland, has changed its deadline for microgrid bids to July 9 because of the large number of organizations that have expressed interest in participating.

Proposals were originally due June 30.

The county, which borders Washington, D.C., is seeking public/private partnerships for microgrid projects that can island from the main grid and keep county facilities operating during power outages. This is the county’s first time pursuing microgrids.

Fifteen participants joined in a pre-bid conference call about the solicitation, held by the county in early June. They were: Schneider Electric, True Data Centers, Power Engineers, Angel Savoy, Chinook Systems, Mar Kelly, Newr Energy, Pareto Energy, Sol Vista, Bosele Holdings, Ameresco, NRG Energy, HAVTECH and Timberock.

The county says it seeks microgrid bids that can keep several critical facilities operating during a power outage. The microgrids should be able  to operate independently from the central grid for an extended period of time – either due to outages or to achieve better energy economics.

The county is particularly interested in proposals that offer effective project financing. It prefers long-term power purchase agreements, although it will consider alternatives.

In this first stage of bidding, the county seeks information on bidder qualifications and approach. Proposals will receive 30 points for qualifications, 40 points for approach (including use of technologies that have met the needs of similar facilities) and 30 points for innovation, with preference for those that partner with local companies, certain minorities, recognized government, research or non-profits and equipment manufacturers.

Bidders that score high will be invited to participate in the second stage, where they will submit further project details.

The county owns, operates, or maintains over 410 facilities and 9 million square feet of floor space.

More details are available in frequently asked questions on the county’s website. The request for proposals  is available for download here.

The contact is Eric Coffman, Chief Office of Energy and Sustainability, DGS Montgomery County, Maryland; 240-777-5595;


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