What We See in Microgrids…from the Editors of Microgrid Knowledge

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PeopleBirdingWelcome to Microgrid Knowledge, the first independent, international news and feature site dedicated solely to microgrids.

We suspect you are here because you see what we see. The era of the microgrid has arrived – and more quickly than some expected.

Why is this a great time for microgrids?

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Big change has been afoot in the electric industry for several years. Today’s microgrids are the culmination of a revolution in clean energy technology, electric markets and consumer preferences.

Our Internet-based world runs on an electric charge. Shut it off and shut us down. Power outages are no small matter. Microgrids offer a way to keep the power flowing when the bigger grid fails.

Microgrids are interesting, too, because they can help so many kinds of economies – from the energy rich to the energy poor – and in completely different ways.

microgridsIn short, microgrids are good for the world, so we’d like to see more of them.

We see 10 main drivers for the growing international demand for microgrids.

  1. Reliable electricity is crucial to the competitiveness of Internet-based economies
  2. SuperStorm Sandy and other weather calamities woke up North America to the headache, expense and danger of prolonged power outages
  3. Businesses, colleges, data centers, hospitals, eco-parks, the military and others increasingly seek electric supply that offers more reliability and quality than even a sophisticated central grid offers.
  4. Communities want more energy independence.
  5. Pretty much everyone wants a greener electric supply.
  6. Pretty much everyone wants more efficient electric supply.
  7. The world has become more dedicated to ending energy poverty in places like rural Africa where there is limited or no access to a dependable electric grid.
  8. Islands and other remote areas are tired of paying high prices for diesel fuel – and dealing with the pollution it creates.
  9. Costs have dropped for the new, clean forms of generation that today’s microgrids use, as well as energy storage.
  10. Today’s grid intelligence make it easier to operate microgrids.

largest microgridOur editorial staff has been writing about the energy industry for more than 20 years. We see the emerging microgrid era as one of the most exciting and world-changing energy trends we’ve witnessed yet.

So we’re dedicated to giving the microgrid industry the news it needs to grow. Microgrid Knowledge will track the microgrid market as it emerges worldwide. We’ll post project profiles, write about industry trends, follow important regulatory proceedings, uncover business opportunities, post white papers and reports  – all in the most engaging and understandable prose possible.

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The microgrid revolution has begun. It’s going to be an exciting ride up. Join us.

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Elisa Wood is the chief editor of MicrogridKnowledge.com and EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com. She has been writing about energy for more than two decades for top industry publications. Her work also has been picked up by CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal Online and the Washington Post.