Watershed Energy Storage Events Create Microgrid Markets

We're seeing watershed events in the energy storage industry, and they're creating new microgrid markets. That's the word from Matt Roberts, executive director of the Energy Storage Association. Here's just one example of the many watershed events that are creating opportunities for microgrids: PJM recently created a performance capacity … [Read more...]

Led by Building Efficiency, the Advanced Energy Market is Bigger than Beer

Building efficiency led the 8 percent growth in global advanced energy in 2015, according to a new report from the Advanced Energy Economy. "The U.S. advanced energy market hit $200 billion, nearly double the nation’s beer market, larger than pharmaceutical manufacturing, and closing in on wholesale consumer electronics," said AEE  in releasing … [Read more...]

The Wow Factor About the Value of Demand Response in Two States

J.R. Tolbert says he knew a recent report about the value of demand response in Massachusetts and Illinois would show positive benefits. But when the senior director of state policy at the Advanced Energy Economy saw the numbers in AEE's new report,"Peak Demand Reduction Strategy," he was wowed by the savings reaped in the two states. "When I … [Read more...]

Legislation Gives California Energy Efficiency a Big Boost

SB 350, legislation just passed, gives California energy efficiency a big boost. It doubles the state's goal for energy efficiency in buildings, boosting the goal from 8% to about 17% by 2030, says Steven Chadima, director of California initiatives for the Advanced Energy Economy in this podcast. "The goal here for a lot of this is to see more … [Read more...]

Turning California’s Big Ship toward the New Decentralized Electric Grid

California seems poised to be a leader as the US electricity industry transforms from the old-style utility model to a decentralized electric grid. But what will it really take to turn this big ship -- the world's seventh largest economy -- toward the coming energy paradigm? A working group of executives from both old and new school energy … [Read more...]

Ohio Win Over Bill to ‘Gut’ Efficiency, Renewable Standards Caps Strong Year

(This was originally published on Advanced Energy Perspectives.) The 1988 Baltimore Orioles had a bad season – the worst losing streak in baseball history – when they chalked up 21 losses before winning a game. Opponents of advanced energy surpassed this record, going 0-26 in 2013 for bills introduced to roll back or eliminate renewable and energy … [Read more...]

How to Get Utilities to Take Risks In Energy Efficiency Innovation?

Energy Efficiency Innovation: How to Encourage Utilities to Embrace It? What's needed in order for utilities to take more risks and adopt new technologies and services in energy efficiency? What are the benefits of those energy efficiency technologies and services to utilities and consumers? Lisa Cohn of EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com interviews … [Read more...]