The (Real) Cost and Value of Energy Efficiency

To have an intelligent conversation about energy efficiency and create rational public policy, we must look carefully at the numbers. Andy Frank, of Sealed, shows where industry, policymakers and the media sometimes go wrong. People in energy policy circles tend to talk in relatively biased terms when it comes to energy efficiency. The … [Read more...]

You Are What You Read? The Stories Readers Liked Best in 2013

Here’s what we can guess about you, our audience, based on the stories you read the most this year on You’re intrigued by up-and-coming concepts and technologies. The counter-intuitive draws your attention, as do emerging trends and young and rising companies. You’re looking for news not easily found elsewhere that … [Read more...]

Motivating Customers With Competition and Rewards Part 1

Lisa Cohn of interviews Andy Frank, VP of business development for Efficiency 2.0, which helps utilities meet their EE goals using creative techniques such as competitions and rewards. The programs yield up to 6% savings.   Motivating Customers With Competition and Rewards Part 1 ] … [Read more...]