Obama Administration Funds $68M in Energy Efficiency and Solar; Announces Executive Actions

The Obama administration has announced $68 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy awards and a series of executive actions to advance the resources further. The grants and loans will go to 540 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The funding comes from the USDA’s Rural Development's Rural Energy for America Program … [Read more...]

Group Fights Impulsive Removal of Efficient Building Codes & Wins

An impulsive rollback of efficient building codes in North Carolina didn't stick for long--thanks to the efforts of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Commission and others. In 2012, North Carolina put in place building codes that called for homes to be about 15% more efficient, said Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs, NCSEA. But … [Read more...]

Why President Obama’s better buildings initiative doesn’t work for multifamily

Guest blog By Michael Miller You might think by this headline that I’m about to rant about the news regarding energy efficiency policy that was circulating last week. President Obama outlined a plan called the Better Buildings Initiative to incentivize energy efficiency in commercial buildings during his visit to Penn State. Actually, I want to … [Read more...]

Obama, better buildings and the innovators

By Elisa Wood February 9, 2011 When Obama unveiled his “Better Building Initiative” last week, it wasn’t just the usual architects, builders, and energy efficiency service companies that perked up with interest. A whole new segment of energy efficiency companies saw opportunity: the innovators. Emissaries from the high tech world, the innovators … [Read more...]