Green Cities: It’s All in the DNA

We’ve made major strides in medicine by mapping the human genome. Now a Boston-based data analytics company has set out to do the same for our buildings. Like humans, buildings have a kind of DNA, markers that provide indicators about their energy health, such as age of construction or type of heating equipment. “Think of a giant decision tree. … [Read more...]

Are We Investing Energy Efficiency Dollars in the Wrong Buildings?

It’s not easy deciding what buildings merit our energy efficiency dollars. In fact, the obvious choices may be the wrong choices. That’s the takeaway from a report issued today that is bound to stir up some discussion within the energy efficiency industry. Produced by Boston-based analytics firm Retroficiency, the “Building Energy Efficiency … [Read more...]

New York Wants to Cut its $500 Million Energy Bill. Can You Help?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to reduce energy use 20 percent in public building and trim the state's $500 million annual energy bill. This represents a big opportunity for those who work in commercial retrofits, lighting, heating and cooling, monitoring, metering, and related energy efficiency sectors. Where to begin? Take a look at a … [Read more...]