California Energy Commission Seeks LEED Accredited Professional Firm

The California Energy Commission seeks a LEED Accredited Professional consulting firm to evaluate the commission’s headquarters building located at 1516 Ninth Street, Sacramento, California. The consulting firm will help the commission develop and implement a LEED Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance plan to achieve a certification level … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency, Nuclear, and California's Future: An Interview with the Energy Commission Chairman Robert Weisenmiller

Before its retirement in 2012, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) represented about 16 percent of the local electricity generation supply covering an average of 1.4 million homes serviced by Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and the City of Riverside in southern California. The plant was especially important … [Read more...]

The CEC Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program

The CEC has funding seeks to reduce the purchase price of new on-road natural gas vehicles in order to directly benefit California’s economy and the environment. California wants to expand the use of a domestically produced non-petroleum fuel that is a low-cost alternative to gasoline and diesel and has lower carbon emission characteristics. The … [Read more...]

California Energy Agencies Adopt Historic Agreement On Energy Efficiency: Saves Customers From Paying For Unnecessary, Polluting Power Plants

California made significant progress last week toward relying on clean energy efficiency to avoid the need for new power plants and grid infrastructure. For the first time, the California Energy Commission (CEC) fully relies on energy efficiency in its forecast of the state’s energy needs over the coming decade, which it developed in concert with … [Read more...]

RFI: The California Energy Commission Energy Efficient Building Retrofit

The California Energy Commission seeks to compile information on the widest range of green building services, products, and technologies – from LED lighting to green roofing to solar photovoltaics to 21st century window treatments – that can be implemented to improve the operations of the Energy Commission building. The Energy Commission's … [Read more...]

If California Sets Energy Efficiency Standards for 15 Products, It Could Set the Bar for the Nation

By Pierre Delforge, Natural Resources Defense Council With roughly as many computers as people in California, we spend a staggering $700 million annually on the electricity needed to power them and their monitors. Imagine how much we could save on our utility bills if they didn’t waste energy even when we’re not using them. That’s right – many of … [Read more...]