EPA’s Gina McCarthy to headline BuildingEnergy14

Gina McCarthy, the administrator for the US Environmental Protection Agency, will deliver opening remarks at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BuildingEnergy 14 conference on March 5 in Boston. McCarthy, who has been a central player in federal development of greenhouse gas emissions rules, will speak on upcoming EPA policies and … [Read more...]

International plan makes efficiency top priority

By Elisa Wood July 8, 2010 While several clean energy technologies play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, none compare to energy efficiency, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency. “Increasing energy efficiency, much of which can be achieved through low-cost options, offers the greatest potential for … [Read more...]

Reasons for efficiency: Plain as the smudge on your face

By Elisa Wood February 11, 2010 Remember soot? A long time ago, before global warming, getting rid of soot was considered a good reason to make our energy supply cleaner and more efficient. These small dirty particles, created from auto and power plant combustion, discolor walls and do worse to our lungs. Their harm is immediate, yet we seem to … [Read more...]