Energy Efficiency Products Top Homeowner Clean Energy Purchases

U.S. homeowners may swoon over solar, but it’s energy efficiency products they buy, according to national survey results issued today by Clean Edge and SolarCity. Energy efficiency products account for the top five clean energy purchases households made in the past. That's the world from a poll of 1,400 randomly selected households, which was … [Read more...]

No Place to Hide: Top and Bottom in Utility Energy Efficiency Ranking

If you’re a country, state, city or utility that’s wasting energy, there is no hiding it any longer. Energy efficiency advocates are increasingly slicing and dicing performance of these entities and producing rankings. The scorecards make public how well one does against the other, which serves as a powerful motivator to do better. What governor … [Read more...]

Where are America’s Greenest Buildings?

Ok, no surprise to see Washington, D.C. or San Francisco ranked high in a list of the cities with America's greenest buildings. But Atlanta? Georgia's capital was the only southern state to make the top ten in the 2014 U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index, released July 15 by Clean Edge. The clean-tech research firm tracks the clean tech progress of … [Read more...]

Cities, Net Zero Buildings Help Drive Growth in Energy Efficiency: Report

Cities and net-zero buildings are helping drive the growth in energy efficiency, says Clean Edge in its annual "Clean Energy Trends" report. The report analyzes the industry's growth by sector in 2013, and includes a global market overview and statistics on investment, as well as corporate and project finance deals. "While many overarching energy … [Read more...]

The Mash-Up of Clean Tech, 3D Printing and Sustainability

I’m generally a techno-optimist. My career trajectory has been built around my keen interest in emerging technologies, taking me from telecom to the Internet to clean tech. Looking out over the next decade, I expect that 3D printing will offer similarly unique opportunities – and challenges. First developed in the mid-1980s, 3D printing, also … [Read more...]