Not to Worry. The Clean Power Plan is Still Very Good for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a building block in the Clean Power Plan, released in final form by the Obama Administration August 3. But our sources tell us that’s not a bad thing -- as counter-intuitive as it may seem. In fact, the carbon reduction plan will give energy efficiency a very big boost, as expected all along. Why did the EPA remove … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency via RGGI: A Model For the Clean Power Plan

Energy efficiency yields big benefits through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and states interested in lowering carbon emissions to meet the EPA's Clean Power Plan should take notice. That's the message from the Analysis Group, which has issued the results of its latest report on RGGI's past three years. Analysis didn't take into account … [Read more...]

The Journey of Six States to Meet the Clean Power Plan: Right Direction, Just Faster

Right direction, just faster. That’s the picture painted by a recent look at what six states must do to meet federal Clean Power Plan carbon reduction requirements and keep the lights on. The Advanced Energy Economy Institute is analyzing where the states stand now in their carbon reduction progress and what they must do to meet requirements  in … [Read more...]

Yet Another Report Finds that Energy Efficiency Improves the Economics of Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions  

Contributing writer Cara Miale Goman looks at how energy efficiency improves the economics of reducing carbon dioxide under the proposed Clean Power Plan. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a federal rule that aims to help cut carbon pollution from the energy sector 30 percent by 2030, is slated to be finalized this summer. As states, cities and … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency is the Cheapest Way to Reach Climate Goals Under Six Economic Models

Six different climate studies all point to the same conclusion: Energy efficiency is the cheapest way for the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And some models show consumer costs actually falling as the nation ramps up energy efficiency to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan. Those are the findings in a new report … [Read more...]

Yes, Power Plant Owners Can Reduce Emissions with Energy Efficiency. Here's How.

How can power plant owners reduce emissions with energy efficiency? Think of energy efficiency as a product to buy and sell, explains NRDC's Dylan Sullivan. When the EPA proposed carbon pollution targets for fossil fuel-fired power plants under the Clean Power Plan last summer, the agency recognized that energy efficiency is a powerful tool for … [Read more...]

Ameren Missouri Warns of Diminishing Returns from Energy Efficiency

Ameren Missouri warned state regulators in a recent filing that it sees diminishing returns from energy efficiency. The warning came within a three-year energy efficiency proposal submitted before the Missouri Public Service Commission. The utility is seeking approval for $135 million in energy efficiency programs to achieve $260 million in … [Read more...]

What is Government Doing to Spur Microgrid Growth?

What state and federal policies are spurring microgrid growth in the United States? Here's an inventory from our latest Think Microgrid report, The Energy Efficient Microgrid, which examines grid-connected microgrids and companion technologies: combined heat and power (CHP) and district energy (DE). The Obama administration created one of the … [Read more...]

Clean Power Plan Could Unshackle Energy Efficiency Market, Says Report

Look for new players, new programs and an expanding energy efficiency market if the Clean Power Plan goes forward as drafted. So says a new report by the Analysis Group, which examines whether states can meet the energy efficiency targets set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. The report concludes that the states can meet the targets -- … [Read more...]

EPA Underestimated Energy Efficiency in the Clean Power Plan?

The Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s program to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, is likely to bring dramatic change to the energy industry. How will it impact energy efficiency? The better question might be how can energy efficiency impact the plan. The Natural Resources Defense Council says that by ramping up … [Read more...]