Why is the CHP Microgrid Market Ripe for Growth?

Why is the CHP microgrid market ripe for growth?  In this podcast, Chris Lyons, manager of power generation, Solar Turbines, names the factors that are driving growth in the market, including storms like Superstorm Sandy, gas prices, and regulatory issues. Read the full report, The Energy Efficient Microgrid: What Combined Heat & Power and … [Read more...]

Cogeneration Goes Global

Sometimes what’s old becomes new again and cogeneration, which is more than 130 years old, is gathering momentum across the world.  Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source, such as natural gas, biomass, biogas, coal, waste heat, or oil,” reports the … [Read more...]

Combined Heat and Power: Not the Brad and Jen of Energy, But….

I hesitate to start this blog with the words “combined heat and power.”  You might stop reading. Okay, so it’s not the Brad and Jen of energy. (That would be solar and wind.) But what it lacks in glamour, it makes up for in constancy and results. It’s an old guy, been around for about a century. And while its name might not sound green, it offers … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: Red, blue or happily neither?

By Elisa Wood October 11, 2012 We’re so politically polarized about energy, it’s news when we’re not. Exceptions exist, of course, but generally one side identifies with fossil fuels, the other with renewable energy. And energy efficiency seems to be the lucky orphan left out of the pick. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient … [Read more...]

The natural gas revolution: Good or bad for energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood September 19, 2012 If there were an equivalent in the energy industry to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, natural gas would be this year’s winner. The dramatic rise in natural gas supply, and fall in price, has reconfigured the energy scene in the United States, suddenly creating a bounty of domestic energy, driving down … [Read more...]

Much light, little heat efficiency

By Elisa Wood January 26, 2012 Energy efficiency in the US is much light and little heat – literally.  Government policy pays a great deal of attention to saving electricity, but focuses little on the thermal energy we waste. “Policy is electricity-centric in the US. Unless you are making kilowatts, the most efficient investments are off the … [Read more...]

Energy waste the size of Japan

By Elisa Wood July 22, 2010 Here is a startling fact: US power plants waste more energy than many countries use, including advanced economies like that of Japan. The wasted energy is in the form of heat thrown off when power plants produce electricity. This is one of the points being brought to light by the International District Energy … [Read more...]

Is waste heat the silver bullet?

By Elisa Wood August 13, 2009 The energy industry tends to get stuck on certain words. Silver bullet is one of them. Insiders and policymakers often like to say there is no silver bullet to fix US energy woes. We need a portfolio of solutions – renewables, efficiency, smart grid, transmission expansion, coal sequestration, etc. That may be true, … [Read more...]

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and combined heat & power

By Elisa Wood Dec. 4, 2008 The universe contains many mysteries. A big one for me is: Why doesn’t the United States use more combined heat and power (CHP)? It requires an energy geek, of course, to even ask that question. Most of the world knows nothing about CHP, even when referenced by its other name: cogeneration. So it was heartening to see … [Read more...]

Reducing Hospital Costs through Efficiency

By Elisa Wood August 7, 2008 The energy and healthcare industries share a mutual woe. Both are experiencing meteoric price increases. The Alliance to Save Energy projects a household’s energy costs will be about $6,300 this year, representing about 13% of median pre-tax earnings. Meanwhile, the National Coalition on Health Care reports that medical … [Read more...]