Murkowski Introduces Remote Microgrid Bill in the Senate; Angus Pushes Local Energy

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has championed use of remote microgrids in her own state of Alaska. And now she wants their value brought to the nation. The Republican recently introduced a bill into the Senate that instructs the Secretary of Energy to create a national strategy to promote hybrid microgrids, including renewables, for isolated … [Read more...]

More Irony as the House Contradicts Itself on Energy Efficiency Standards

By Marianne DiMascio Outreach Director Appliance Standards Awareness Project The House of Representatives tacked on two amendments to the Energy and Water spending bill Wednesday that would limit DOE’s ability to carry out requirements mandated by none other than…Congress. One amendment would stop DOE from enforcing lighting efficiency standards … [Read more...]

Congress Feels No Pain

By Elisa Wood July 31, 2008 A big question often asked by energy analysts is: How high must energy prices be to motivate customers to change their behavior? We are beginning to think that the more perplexing matter is just how much do we pay before Congress reforms its behavior. Prices are plenty high enough to encourage customers to conserve. … [Read more...]