Smartest smart meter: The gasoline pump?

By Elisa Wood March 18, 2010 Americans do many things well.  These things do not include sacrifice of creature comforts. So it came as a surprise to see US Rep. Brian Baird (D-Wash) suggest we can avert 20% of our energy use if we take short “military showers” over 20 weeks. … [Read more...]

The Ghost of High Energy Prices Past

By Elisa Wood Oct. 9, 2008 Halloween is still a few weeks away, but a ghost is already making an appearance, this one floating over the presidential campaigns. His name is Conservation. I first heard the specter of sacrifice evoked by Sen. Barack Obama in the Oct. 7 debate. The next day Gov. Sarah Palin repeated the term several times in a … [Read more...]

Congress Feels No Pain

By Elisa Wood July 31, 2008 A big question often asked by energy analysts is: How high must energy prices be to motivate customers to change their behavior? We are beginning to think that the more perplexing matter is just how much do we pay before Congress reforms its behavior. Prices are plenty high enough to encourage customers to conserve. … [Read more...]