Trends in Data Center Energy Efficiency

Lisa Cohn of interviews Bill Kosik, principal data center energy technologist with HP Technology Services, about what’s most effective in data center EE.   Trends in Data Center Energy Efficiency] … [Read more...]

Monitoring Technology to Improve Data Center Efficiency

Lisa Cohn of interviews Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius, a company that provides software that optimizes the infrastructure and operations of critical facilities. He explains how using monitoring technology can significantly increase overall energy efficiency in data centers. Check out our new report on data center efficiency by … [Read more...]

Figuring out how to go green without going crazy

By Elisa Wood January 11, 2012 Utilities worry about a lot of things, such as keeping the lights on, earning a return for investors, and making regulators and customers happy with their service. Now there is a new worry: How can they protect customers from what one utility refers to as “mental fatigue?” In this particular case, the utility … [Read more...]

A Green Cloud is a Transparent Cloud

By Eric Woods Pike Research Guest Blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets June 22, 2011 At Connectivity Week in Santa Clara, recently, I took part in a series of panel discussions on data center energy efficiency. The discussions covered a wide range of issues from the practicalities of infrastructure optimization to the possible role of data centers … [Read more...]