DCSEU Achieves $100M in Energy Savings for Washington, DC

The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) has achieved $100 million in lifetime energy savings through an $18 million investment in energy efficiency and renewables, according to the Washington, DC organization's  2014 Annual Report. The DCSEU, featured here last year in EnergyEffificiencyMarkets.com,  helped DC conserve more than 60,000 MWh, … [Read more...]

How Washington, D.C. Is Overcoming the Great Energy Efficiency Dilemma

It is hard to see the business sense in asking a company to sell less of its product. Yet, that is pretty much how the US handles energy efficiency. Call it the great dilemma of energy efficiency: Utilities make their profits selling energy. Government asks them to sell less to achieve state energy efficiency goals. “You are asking a for-profit … [Read more...]