Energy Efficiency Creates Competitive Advantage, Companies Say

Energy efficiency is being embraced by companies as a critical competitive advantage. What's more, many companies are generating at least a portion of their own power. Marlene Motyka, US alternative energy leader for Deloitte, gives the results of a new resources study in this podcast. The study found: 77 percent of respondents consider … [Read more...]

More than Half of Businesses Say They Now Generate Electricity Supply Onsite

A new study by Deloitte found that 55 percent of businesses say they now generate at least some portion of their electricity supply onsite -- a big jump from last year. In 2014, 44 percent of businesses said they self-generate, and in 2013, 33 percent said they generated a portion of their electricity supply onsite. The findings were part of the … [Read more...]

Energy Users Go For Efficiency, Smart Apps; What's a Utility to Do?

A new report from Deloitte, its fourth annual resources study, says the writing is on the wall for the conventional utility: It's time for change. Consumers are embracing energy efficiency and alternative energy, businesses are going for onsite generation, and the Generation Y set is warming up to smart energy apps, says the report, among other … [Read more...]