DOE to Offer $20M for Building Energy Efficiency and Innovation in Revised RFP

Concept papers are now due Feb. 5, 2016 for $20 million being offered by the U.S. Department of Energy in a revised solicitation for building energy efficiency technologies. The funding opportunity (DE-FOA-0001383) comes from the DOE’s Building Technologies Office (BTO). The DOE is combining early-stage topics (Innovations) with later-stage, … [Read more...]

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid

The potential for cyber attacks on the power grid is very real, especially with the advent of electronic devices that send information about assets that supply energy to the grid. In fact, in the first half of 2015, the federal government responded to more than 100 cyber incidents that affected infrastructure in the US. And the energy sector had … [Read more...]

‘Global Warming’ Leaves Americans Cold…and More Quick Energy Efficiency News for this Week

Quick energy efficiency news for this week… We’ll have to ditch the terms “global warming” and “climate change” if we want to advance U.S. energy and environmental policy. Research presented in the book, Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think About Energy in the Age of Global Warming, conducted in conjunction with the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), … [Read more...]

US DOE Sees “Enormous” Benefit in Integrating Microgrids Nationwide

The U.S. Department Energy sees “enormous” benefits to fully integrating microgrids into the grid nationwide on multiple levels, a DOE official told a group of energy insiders in Boston Thursday. Dan Ton, a DOE program manager, was the keynote speaker at a microgrid controller symposium, which drew about 150 people to Boston’s District … [Read more...]

DOE to Offer Energy Efficiency Funding for Portfolios of Small and Medium Commercial Buildings

The U.S. Department of Energy plans to issue a solicitation during the last quarter of 2015 offering energy efficiency funding for portfolios of small and medium commercial buildings. To be released by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the solicitation is meant to help overcome market barriers and scale up energy efficiency … [Read more...]

US DOE Offers $20M for More Energy Efficient Motors and Drives

The U.S. Department of Energy is offering $20 million to develop more energy efficient motors and drives, particularly high speed equipment that uses high power-density designs and integrated power electronics. The federal agency is targeting motors and drives to help reduce the industrial sector’s $200 billion energy bill. Industrials now use 25 … [Read more...]

U.S. DOE Seeks Transformational Energy Technologies, Offers $125M

The U.S. Department of Energy is offering $125 million for transformational energy technologies, the latest of its Open 2015 grant programs. Offered through the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), the grant program is open to a broad range of technologies, among them energy storage, combined heat and power, renewables, fuel cells, … [Read more...]

DOE Awards $8M for Microgrid Projects in Seven States

Seven microgrid projects will receive more than $8 million in federal funding to help cities and towns better prepare for extreme weather, the Department of Energy announced today. The money will go to projects in Alaska, California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Tennessee and Washington. The projects are being developed by Alstom Grid, Burr … [Read more...]

Cogeneration Goes Global

Sometimes what’s old becomes new again and cogeneration, which is more than 130 years old, is gathering momentum across the world.  Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source, such as natural gas, biomass, biogas, coal, waste heat, or oil,” reports the … [Read more...]

New direction for that federal agency whose name I can’t remember

By Elisa Wood November 17, 2011 The US Department of Energy’s reputation is now enshrined as the agency that Republican presidential contender Rick Perry wants to dismantle – if only he could remember its name. But a recent report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences offers a different direction for the federal agency, one that may not … [Read more...]