Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for Energy Efficiency Now that the Clean Power Plan Has Been Delayed?

NRDC's Dylan Sullivan details why the 'glass' for energy efficiency is not only half full but may be overflowing, despite the recent court stay on the U.S. Clean Power Plan. Is energy efficiency's glass half-full or half-empty after the U.S. Supreme Court's recent stay of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which limits power plant carbon dioxide … [Read more...]

Vermont to seek $6.5 million in private financing for thermal efficiency

The Vermont Public Service Department plans to issue a request for proposals soon seeking banks and credit unions to help finance an expanded thermal energy efficiency program. The state plans to invest $670,000 to leverage up to $6.5 million in private sector funds for residential efficiency and clean heating technologies. “Even though energy … [Read more...]

Cold + Propane Shortage = Energy Efficiency Wake-up

There is nothing like a blast of frigid weather – and an energy shortage – to wake up the US consumer to the economic value of energy efficiency. We were caught almost napping this winter, drowsy in the confidence that we are awash in plenty of oil and natural gas. True, the US is in the middle of an energy renaissance. But the right kind of … [Read more...]