Electric Vehicle that Gets the Equivalent of 300 MPG

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews a team of students from the West Philadelphia High School Auto Academy who were winners in the Spirit of Innovation awards for their design of an electric very light car. The car, being prepared for commercial markets, is expected to set the efficiency standard for EVs. The award program is seeking more … [Read more...]

Electric Cars and the Kindness of Strangers

Guest blog by Cara Miale March 23, 2011 As if we don’t have enough phobias already, now there is range anxiety, a malady brought on by the electric car. But it’s okay; there is a cure, or rather an app for that. Studies indicate that many electric car drivers – and those considering joining the ranks – suffer the fear of running out of power and … [Read more...]

What energy efficiency type are you?

By Elisa Wood July 29, 2010 Not so long ago, consumers seemed to like energy efficiency just a little bit more than going to the dentist. Clearly that has changed, as evidenced by the recent run on appliance and home retrofit subsidies in several states. Greens are no longer alone in swooning over front loader washing machines and geothermal … [Read more...]

Electrifying vehicles: A car and its drama

By Elisa Wood July 15, 2010 Who will play the lead character in Who Revived the Electric Car?, the sequel that is bound to be made to the famous documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/.  Many are vying for the role: car manufacturers, battery producers, scientists and now the Obama Administration. The … [Read more...]

The plug instead of the pump: Will the electric car put money in your pocket?

By Elisa Wood April 15, 2010 For consumers, discussion of electric cars tends to focus on how long the vehicle travels before needing a recharge and what it will cost to buy. But a new report backed by several large corporations takes a broader view of what the electric car will mean to our overall finances. And the news is good. Fueling our … [Read more...]

Is green energy our new plastics industry?

By Elisa Wood December 17, 2009 If The Graduate were written today, Mr. McGuire’s career tip to Benjamin probably would have been “green,” rather than “plastics.”  But it’s likely Benjamin would have responded in the same quizzical way: “Just how do you mean that, sir?” It was difficult to envision the vast number of new products, businesses and … [Read more...]

Think Gas Prices Are High? Electricity is Next.

By Elisa Wood Today’s interest in energy efficiency may be nothing compared to tomorrow’s, if power prices rise as much as expected. One of the biggest price drivers, at this point, appears to be greenhouse gas restrictions, which Congress is expected to enact. It’s not clear yet exactly what the rules will be. But a federal analysis of a leading … [Read more...]