Electricity use falls because of efficiency

By Elisa Wood October 30, 2008 Electricity sales can gauge the national economic health. An ailing economy uses less electricity because is produces fewer goods and services. Sometimes, however, electricity sales fall for a good reason – efficiency. Such is the case in the United States, according to a recent statistics released by the North … [Read more...]

Toasting Pop-Tarts cheap: How electricity may solve our energy woes

By Elisa Wood October 23, 2008 We tend to talk about electricity in terms of its problems -- it degrades the environment, costs too much and messes up scenic views. But the Manhattan Institute’s Peter Huber takes a different stand in his new report “The Million-Volt Answer to Oil.” Huber says electric power may be the cheap, efficient resource we … [Read more...]

Think Gas Prices Are High? Electricity is Next.

By Elisa Wood Today’s interest in energy efficiency may be nothing compared to tomorrow’s, if power prices rise as much as expected. One of the biggest price drivers, at this point, appears to be greenhouse gas restrictions, which Congress is expected to enact. It’s not clear yet exactly what the rules will be. But a federal analysis of a leading … [Read more...]