Would Homeowners Say "Yes" to Energy Efficiency if it Came with Solar?

Solar is experiencing over-the-top popularity among US homeowners; energy efficiency not so much. But what if state programs made solar a subset of energy efficiency? That’s the recommendation of an intriguing paper released August 19 by the Center for Sustainable Energy. The California non-profit tried to tease out what it takes to motivate … [Read more...]

Debunking efficiency misconceptions

By  Scott Schnelle Guest Blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets April 11, 2012 Your clients may hold some common misconceptions about how to begin conserving energy in their homes. In this article, I hope to debunk a few of those misconceptions. An audit from a company like EnergyLink is a good place to begin; it shows homeowners where to … [Read more...]

Zero touch energy audit: Will it change the game?

By Elisa Wood November 2, 2011 What new energy efficiency technologies will change the game? I’d like to use this space on occasion to explore that question and get your feedback on companies that I profile. This week’s company is FirstFuel Software, which it appears could make the conventional energy building audit go the way of the buggy … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: Real estate’s next granite counter top?

By Elisa Wood November 3, 2010 A lot of good economic reasons exist to pursue energy efficiency. Still the average person tends not to. This is no surprise. If I cannot see, touch, buy, sell, trade or save efficiency, if it’s invisible, how can I pay it any real attention? Often on the vanguard, Boston-based Conservation Services Group is … [Read more...]

How efficiency makes solar affordable

By Reid Smith October 27, 2010 When solar energy companies think about how to reduce the cost of their product, typically a lot of time and money goes toward increasing the efficiency of solar panels and their manufacturing process. Reducing the production cost decreases the final cost the consumer will have to pay. However, few solar … [Read more...]

Using car talk to sell home energy upgrades

By Elisa Wood September 29, 2010 Does the word ‘audit’ give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Not likely. Yet it’s typically the first service an energy efficiency contractor offers to a prospect. Sometimes the audit is even free, much like the unwelcome kind we receive from the IRS. Use of words like ‘audit’ ‘retrofit’ and ‘weatherize’ turn off … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency and PV: Together Forever

By Elisa Wood We have seen a marriage of the energy efficiency and solar energy industries as the US has worked to green its buildings. In fact, some financing programs require that all cost-effective efficiency be pursued before solar panels are installed. Here Elisa Wood interviews Liz Merry, owner of Verve Solar Consulting, about how the solar … [Read more...]