More Irony as the House Contradicts Itself on Energy Efficiency Standards

By Marianne DiMascio Outreach Director Appliance Standards Awareness Project The House of Representatives tacked on two amendments to the Energy and Water spending bill Wednesday that would limit DOE’s ability to carry out requirements mandated by none other than…Congress. One amendment would stop DOE from enforcing lighting efficiency standards … [Read more...]

“Black Boxes” That Connect To Internet Big Energy Hogs

Lisa Cohn of interviews NRDC senior scientist Noah Horowitz, who provides news about just how much the US could save with efficient routers, modems and other black boxes that connect to the internet--and what can be done about it. … [Read more...]

Energy Costs: How Come Granny is Still in Her Chair?

Granny was thrown out of her wheelchair and off a cliff in one of the most controversial ads of the 2012 US presidential election. Whether you love or hate the clip, which went after Republicans on Medicare, it shows the emotional tenor we bring to the debate over health care costs. Energy costs affect Granny at least as much – and everyone else … [Read more...]

Four Plus Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency Use

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Inara Scott, Assistant Professor at Oregon State University’s College of Business, who describes a study about what can be done to increase energy efficiency. What are the barriers and how can they be overcome? Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

The Good News About Appliance Standards

Lisa Cohn interviews Joanna Mauer and Andrew deLaski, the lead authors of a new ACEEE and ASAP report about appliances. The study found that as appliance efficiency has improved, prices have declined. Manufacturers have offered new features without sacrificing performance. Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

Benefits of Obama’s Proposal to Double Energy Productivity

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Alex Lasky, president of Opower, about President Obama’s proposal, included in the budget, to double energy productivity through a “Race to the Top” program that would focus on energy efficiency. Benefits would include 1.3 million new jobs and slashing the cost of energy imports. Opower is a member … [Read more...]

Electricity Loss and Theft: Who Pays?

We fret about turning off the lights to save pennies on energy. Meanwhile, electricity worth billions of dollars gets lost or stolen on the world’s power grids every year. In industry jargon, the problem is known as ‘line loss.’ A certain amount of electricity generated by a power plant never makes it to the consumer – or at least the paying … [Read more...]

Big Business and Colleges Drive 70% Growth for Firm

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Matt Frey, president and CEO of Optimum Energy, a leading provider of scalable optimization for enterprise level HVAC systems. The company has seen 70% growth. What’s driving it? Big Business and Colleges Drive 70% Growth for Firm] Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

Microgrids: Coming or No?

By Elisa Wood May 6, 2013 You know that experience, when you buy a new car, and suddenly you see the model everywhere? Since Superstorm Sandy I’ve had the equivalent experience with the term ‘microgrid.’ Policymakers and thought leaders in the US Northeast started talking microgrid in earnest shortly after the October 2012 storm leveled … [Read more...]

The $40 Billion Hiding in US Buildings

By Elisa Wood April 29, 2013 A pretty big wad of money – $40 billion – is hiding somewhere inside the lights, AC, thermostats, furnaces and fans of our offices, stores, hospitals and schools. That’s the amount of money the federal government estimates we can save annually by reducing energy use in commercial buildings 20 percent by 2020.  To … [Read more...]