Joule Assets: Unearthing Hidden Revenue for Smaller Energy Efficiency Companies

Take heart smaller energy efficiency companies. Good times are coming. That was the positive message from Mike Gordon, CEO of Joule Assets, as his company recently rolled out news of $90 million in financing being offered to 10 US companies with a $270 million pipeline of projects. “The contractors, the technology integrators, technology … [Read more...]

Applications Open for $4B in Loan Guarantees for Energy Efficiency, Microgrids, Renewables

The US Department of Energy is offering $4 billion in loan guarantees for energy efficiency, microgrid and renewable energy projects that avoid, reduce, or sequester greenhouse gases. The solicitation was issued July 3, following the close of a 30-day comment period. The DOE seeks: Energy efficiency projects that incorporate new or … [Read more...]

Fast, Efficient, Low-Cost Energy Efficiency Loans: A Revolution?

Inexpensive home energy efficiency loans could be just the revolution we need to significantly boost energy efficiency and reap benefits for homeowners, utilities and the environment. And a new public-private partnership is paving the way. The Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans will provide fast, efficient, low-cost energy efficiency loans, … [Read more...]

Vermont to seek $6.5 million in private financing for thermal efficiency

The Vermont Public Service Department plans to issue a request for proposals soon seeking banks and credit unions to help finance an expanded thermal energy efficiency program. The state plans to invest $670,000 to leverage up to $6.5 million in private sector funds for residential efficiency and clean heating technologies. “Even though energy … [Read more...]

New York’s Green Bank Seeks Energy Efficiency Financing Proposals

New York’s Green Bank is seeking  proposals for credit-worthy energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that face market barriers to financing. This is the first request for proposals issued by the new state program, which plans to leverage its capital to encourage private market financing. The bank is not offering subsidies, but seeks … [Read more...]

New York Power Authority Offers $800 Million in Financing for Energy Efficiency Tech

The New York Power Authority has set a March 25 deadline for energy efficiency tech companies to apply for the first round of $800 million in available financing. The authority issued a request for information Feb. 6 seeking commercial, but not yet widely deployed energy efficiency technologies for schools, offices, hospitals and other buildings. … [Read more...]

A $200 Million Week for Energy Efficiency Financing

Big news on energy efficiency financing this week on two fronts. Joule Assets launched a $100 million private equity fund that will invest in energy efficiency and demand response markets worldwide.  Joule described the fund as a first-of-a-kind that creates channels into the previously closed $900 billion energy reductions assets markets. “In … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Bonds and Clean Water Funding Synergize

A precedent set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opened up opportunities for states throughout the nation to potentially leverage the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) to guarantee energy efficiency financing and enable private investment. This innovative approach was initiated in 2013 by the New York State Energy … [Read more...]

Should We Finance Energy Efficiency as We Do Roads and Bridges?

Finding the best way to finance energy efficiency projects may be the industry’s single most important quest. A lot of new options are on the table, many of them complex and some politically trying. So maybe the answer isn’t to find a new approach, but to remake an old one. That’s the message in a recent paper that proposes bringing “credit … [Read more...]

New York: Getting the Price Right for Energy Efficiency

New York officials are scrutinizing the cost of energy efficiency – especially when it’s needed fast – as they prepare for the possible shutdown of a nuclear plant. Energy efficiency insiders will want to keep an eye on this public service commission proceeding for two reasons. First, it offers a potential 100 MW in business opportunity. Second, … [Read more...]