50% more distributors selling LEDs

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Ted Konnerth, founder, president and CEO of Egret Consulting Group, which recently conducted a study finding that the number of lighting distributors stocking LED grew by more than 50% in less than two years.   50% more distributors selling LEDs  ] … [Read more...]

California’s Focus on Lighting As a System

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Zach Gentry, vice president of marketing and product management for Enlighted Inc., an energy efficiency and building information company creating networked control systems. He explains how the California Public Utilities Commission is restructuring incentives by focusing on lighting as a … [Read more...]

Trillion dollar answer to Bachmann’s light bulb question

By Elisa Wood March 8, 2012 US Congresswoman Michele Bachmann often asks why government should tell us which kind of light bulb to choose. Turns out it’s a question with a trillion dollar answer. We will save $1.1 trillion through 2035 because of existing energy efficiency mandates for light bulbs and appliances, according to a report issued … [Read more...]

What if the light bulb produced more than light?

By Elisa Wood Aug. 4, 2011 Talk about a light bulb moment. A professor of engineering at Edinburgh University recently demonstrated for the first time to a wide audience his technology that uses common every day lights to transmit data. Harald Haas streamed a video through a desk lamp at Ted Global 2011at Scotland’s Edinburgh International … [Read more...]