Disruptive Energy is here…And it’s Changing Energy Efficiency Markets

You’ve probably noticed more stories about distributed energy, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid, fuel cells and other disruptive energy technologies. These technologies aren’t always placed under the energy efficiency umbrella. But they should be. Many people think of energy efficiency as switching out light bulbs in homes, greening buildings, or … [Read more...]

Clean Power Plan Could Unshackle Energy Efficiency Market, Says Report

Look for new players, new programs and an expanding energy efficiency market if the Clean Power Plan goes forward as drafted. So says a new report by the Analysis Group, which examines whether states can meet the energy efficiency targets set out by the Environmental Protection Agency. The report concludes that the states can meet the targets -- … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Factoids that Will Win Friends and Influence People (Especially Investors)

Riddle: What's as big as the amount of energy used by the European Union...and getting even bigger? The answer is the amount of energy we're not using. Or more specifically,  it is the energy saved in 2011 by the US and 10 other countries -- Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United … [Read more...]

What We See in Microgrids…from the Editors of Microgrid Knowledge

Welcome to Microgrid Knowledge, the first independent, international news and feature site dedicated solely to microgrids. We suspect you are here because you see what we see. The era of the microgrid has arrived – and more quickly than some expected. Why is this a great time for microgrids? New to microgrids? Check out Microgrids 101: A … [Read more...]

Best Places to Find Energy Efficiency Work: A Closer Look at the ACEEE City Scorecard

Boston ranked first for energy efficiency in the recent city scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. But when it comes to city projects, is Boston the best place for energy efficiency companies to find work or sell products? Perhaps not. ACEEE looked at a range of factors in evaluating, for the first time, how well the … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Prospects to Watch in the Eastern States

Energy efficiency prospects continue to expand along the eastern seaboard as utilities ramp up energy efficiency programs and policymakers increasingly view smart energy  as key to hardening the grid against storms. Here are few emerging business opportunities to watch. In North Carolina, Duke Energy plans to undertake energy efficiency “as … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: Big deals and new ideas

By Elisa Wood January 9, 2013 The economic premise behind energy efficiency –  that it’s cheaper to save a unit of energy than to make one – has caught on in the US.  Energy efficiency spending is up, and our energy use is declining, measured both per capita and per dollar of gross domestic product, according to government figures. So it is not … [Read more...]

Markets for Energy Efficiency in 2013: Part II

By Elisa Wood December 20, 2012 California holds the unofficial title of greenest of US states. But Massachusetts might swipe the crown if it keeps up its current pace investing in green energy. For those in the energy efficiency industry, Massachusetts is a state to watch for opportunity. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy … [Read more...]