Which Ethnic Group Invests Most in Energy Efficiency?

Which ethnic group invests most in energy efficiency? How to homeowners link solar and energy efficiency? Learn the answers to these questions by listening to this interview with Dave Treston, senior account planner at KSV, who give details about a recent energy efficiency study by KSV. … [Read more...]

The $154 Million Question – Pipeline vs. Energy Efficiency and Renewables?

Richard Faesy, of Energy Futures Group, explains why Vermont would benefit more from energy efficiency and renewables than a new natural gas pipeline. One hundred fifty-four million dollars is a lot of money for Vermonters to spend on Vermont Gas Systems’ Addison County pipeline. That same amount of money could be much better spent weatherizing … [Read more...]

How the Best States Support Energy Efficiency

What are states that support energy efficiency doing that other states are not? And the states that don't support energy efficiency--what are they doing wrong and why? Jeff Haydock, president and CEO of EcoCFO, a consulting firm, gives his point of view. He also explains what needs to be done to boost efficiency in general. … [Read more...]

What Will Hurt Energy Efficiency & Boost it in 2015?

Which states are rolling back their energy efficiency programs? Which states are boosting them--and why? In this podcast, Jordan Doria, manager of stakeholder engagement, Ingersoll Rand's Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, gives predictions for efficiency in 2015. … [Read more...]

What’s Clean Energy’s Real Worth?

When policymakers tally clean energy’s real worth, they consider jobs and environment. But other work achieved by clean energy goes forgotten. Two new papers shed light on some of this work – from saving the lives of US troops to influencing broad economic health. First, the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) argues that the U.S. … [Read more...]

Utilities See Distributed Generation Coming; Energy Efficiency Working

Once upon a time when a big power plant retired, it was replaced by one as big or bigger. But not anymore. Energy efficiency is increasingly reducing the need for more power. And when it is needed, distributed generation may be enough. That’s how utilities increasingly view the market, according to this year’s Strategic Directions: U.S. Electric … [Read more...]

Efficiency, Microgrids Eligible for $4B in DOE Loan Guarantees

Innovative energy efficiency projects, including microgrids, will be eligible for federal loan guarantees under a draft solicitation being circulated by the US Department of Energy. Released April 16 for comment, the program also will offer the guarantees for renewable energy projects. In all, the DOE will make $4 billion in guarantees … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency, Nuclear, and California's Future: An Interview with the Energy Commission Chairman Robert Weisenmiller

Before its retirement in 2012, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) represented about 16 percent of the local electricity generation supply covering an average of 1.4 million homes serviced by Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and the City of Riverside in southern California. The plant was especially important … [Read more...]

Ontario Presses Ahead with RFPs, CHP, Storage, Microgrid…

Ontario is pressing ahead with new utility requirements, solicitations and pilot projects to spur energy efficiency, combined heat and power, microgrids, energy storage and other demand-side efforts. The Ministry of Energy has put in place a new “Conservation First Framework” to save 7,000,000 MWh from Jan. 2015 through the end of Jan. 2020.  It … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Keep Power Flowing in Extreme Weather

Something extraordinary occurred this winter that kept the lights on and people warm during record-breaking cold. Energy efficiency and demand response emerged to save the day, preventing potentially life-threatening power shortages across much of the Midwest and Northeast. The subzero weather strained more than just our patience; it put a serious … [Read more...]