Energy Analytics Company Attracts Most Podcast Listeners With Its Six Percent Savings Claim

Can energy data analytics company Bidgely really beat out the competition by 300% and cut energy usage in homes by six percent? Hundreds of  of our listeners wanted to find out this week as they downloaded this podcast and checked out our interview with Abhay Gupta, CEO of Bidgely. Our Energy Efficiency Markets podcast often is downloaded by … [Read more...]

“Cutting Energy Use in Casinos” Podcast Gets All The Listening Love in 2013

In 2013, for our Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast, we interviewed energy efficiency experts about investment trends in energy efficiency, technology advances, how to sell energy efficiency to utility executives, energy efficiency projects, how to cut energy use in specific types of buildings--and much more. Which of these podcasts yielded the most … [Read more...]

Four Plus Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency Use

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Inara Scott, Assistant Professor at Oregon State University’s College of Business, who describes a study about what can be done to increase energy efficiency. What are the barriers and how can they be overcome? Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]