Energy efficiency: What are the laggards thinking?

Why do some states avoid creating policies that encourage consumers and businesses to save energy? What’s the psychology of the laggards? A  report by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy sheds some insight as it examines the states that consistently fall behind in the organization’s annual energy efficiency ranking. The bottom … [Read more...]

How did we grow an energy conscience?

By Elisa Wood June 15, 2011 The US has grown an energy conscience.  Just look around in stores that sell appliances, computers, televisions, light bulbs or any kind of electric equipment. You’ll see the words ‘energy saving’ or ‘energy efficient’ on a lot of the packaging. This trend didn’t just happen, but is the result of some careful nurturing … [Read more...]

Federal stimulus: Pork or real energy policy?

By Elisa Wood February 5, 2009 Two recent gestures by President Obama indicate that he is serious about clean energy and will pursue it differently than any of his predecessors. First, he made history in using his inaugural speech to promote renewable energy – something never done before by a US President, according to Department of Energy’s EERE … [Read more...]

Energy Tax Credits and the Devil in Congress

By Elisa Wood October 2, 2008 It is difficult to get beyond the hyperbole of the election season to uncover a candidate’s true position. The non-partisan Pew Center on Global Climate Change performed a service with a recently released just-the-facts guide on the energy platforms of the presidential contenders … [Read more...]

Report Reveals Unusual EE Market Pattern

By Elisa Wood “Big dogs eat first” is a phrase often used to describe energy markets. That is, expect large energy consumers – usually manufacturers -- to be the first at the plate to take advantage of any economic benefits. But a recent report suggests that when it comes to energy efficiency, householders may nudge the Mastiffs out of the way. The … [Read more...]