Are We Wrong about Households and Energy Efficiency?

We’ve been hearing for a long time that households aren't interested in energy efficiency gadgets. Give consumers the choice between an electronic toy for the home and a smart thermostat, and they take the toy, right? Turns out, we may not give consumers enough credit. Automated devices that save energy (and money) are now the most popular … [Read more...]

It’s Hot and Energy Costs Are Rising. You Can’t Change the Weather, So You….?

Heat waves and cold spells are a misery for the electric grid, and for anyone worried about energy costs. We can’t change the weather, but we can change how we respond. A little counter top device, keyed to the workings of the human brain, could show the way. The Energy Joule, a product by Ambient Devices, is one of many different tools now on … [Read more...]

Rising Market: Maine’s Energy Efficiency Spending Doubles Part II

Maine is achieving energy savings in many tried-and-true ways – weatherization, fuel switching and installation of high efficiency light bulbs. But the state also is not afraid to explore the new and promising. The Efficiency Maine Trust, an independent entity in charge of the state’s efficiency efforts, is test driving three up-and-coming … [Read more...]

How the US Military Drives Innovation and Creates Markets

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Eloy Torrez, founder of SEI Group Inc., which provides energy services and technologies. Eloy explains how the US Military has created a market for EE and renewable energy and has driven innovation.   How the US Military Drives Innovation and Creates Markets ] … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency without trying (and with)

By Elisa Wood June 28, 2012 John Lennon wrote that life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.  Apparently, the same is true of energy efficiency. Energy savings happen when we’re busy doing other things – Internet-based things specifically. We use email, bank online and download music not to save energy, but to make … [Read more...]

Achieving Net Zero Energy in Commercial Buildings Part 1

Lisa Cohn of interviews Jeff Blankman, sustainable manufacturing manager for McCormick and Co. and Michael Smith, vice president of solar and efficiency sales at Constellation Energy. They discuss Constellation Energy’s work at McCormick and Co.’s 363,000-foot distribution center, which is now a net-zero … [Read more...]

How much money can new lighting save your business?

By Elisa Wood August 24, 2011 Am I average? That’s the question that often hits me when someone quotes an ‘average’ statistic. The ‘average’ business or household seems almost mythological. Few of us fall right on that point on the line. The same is true when it comes to often quoted energy efficiency savings statistics. For example, the US … [Read more...]