California Offers $10M for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Section of Oregon to Baja

The California Energy Commission is offering $10 million in grant funds for electric vehicle charging stations on designated corridors from San Jose southward. The direct current fast charging stations will be installed son Interstate 5 (I-5), State Route 99 (SR 99), and along United States Highway 101 (US-101) from San Jose travelling south in … [Read more...]

How are Solar Plus Storage Helping Ease Drought Problems?

How are solar plus energy storage helping alleviate problems created by the drought in California? Neil Fromer, executive director, Resnick Institute of Sustainability at Caltech, explains the link between water availability and energy generation. … [Read more...]

Global Energy Storage Market to Grow 15-fold over Four Years: IHS

Colorado-based IHS is forecasting a 15-fold increase in energy storage used with solar. The research firm sees energy storage reaching 3.6 GW by 2018, up from 231 MW in 2014. The company released the forecast Monday at the SNEC 9th (2015) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition in Shanghai. IHS said that the … [Read more...]

Energy Storage Market in California No Longer a Pilot Project

In 2013, Before California's initiative requiring utilities to install 1,325 MW of energy storage, the market was just in test phases. But now, the market has really heated up and energy storage competes with other sources of energy. Mike Hopkins, CEO of Ice Energy, gives his perspective on the state of the market in California--and the contracts … [Read more...]

Chasing Energy Storage: Can Policy Keep up with Markets?

With energy storage advancing quickly in the electric power industry, policy finds itself chasing markets. The rules of the road have yet to be sorted out, yet energy storage already is racing ahead. Energy storage companies are announcing deals, partnerships, financing,  innovations and new customers almost daily. “Since 2013, the market had … [Read more...]

Luxury NY Buildings to Bolster Grid with Energy Storage; Princeton Power Systems Wins Contract

A company that manages luxury real estate is planning a first-of-its kind energy storage aggregation for New York City as a way to bolster the grid and improve power reliability for the indiviual bulidings. Glenwood will install the 1  MW of energy storage in its Manhattan luxury rental properties. The project, which will use Princeton Power … [Read more...]

Testing The Powers of Microgrids in College Project

A project at Las Positas College in Livermore, funded by a $1.5 million grant from the California Energy Commission, will test the powers of energy storage and microgrids to integrate renewable energy sources, curb peak power and take a mission-critical circuit off-grid. Herve Mazzocco, vice president of solutions for Imergy Power Systems, … [Read more...]

Will Batteries Live Up to their Promise For Energy Storage?

Thanks to advances in energy storage it is no longer just starry-eyed dreamers who see a distributed electric grid as a real possibility for North America. More sophisticated and cheaper stationary batteries are opening the door for businesses and households to become players in electricity markets, storing energy they don't use and selling it … [Read more...]

Our EE Podcast Attracting Nearly 4,000 Downloads/ Podcast

Our Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast is attracting nearly 4,000 downloads for its most popular podcasts. That's up to 4,000 downloads for a  single popular podcast, over a 3-month period. For example, one of the most popular podcasts, "New Technology Helps Cut Fuel Costs, Emissions, in Trucks," had 3,700 downloads in three months. You can check … [Read more...]

Ontario Seeks CHP; Readies for Energy Storage RFP

The Ontario Power Authority is accepting applications for up to 100 MW of combined heat and power projects, beginning November 3 and running through December 19. Ontario seeks CHP under what is known as its Combined Heat and Power Standard Offer Program 2.0, CHPSOP 2.0.  It will allot contracts for up to 75 MW of CHP for the agricultural industry … [Read more...]