Benefits of Frozen Water as Residential Energy Storage

Frozen water has been used in the past for commercial energy storage to reduce cooling loads. However, a new product from Ice Energy allows for residential energy storage, which provides many benefits in areas with high cooling loads. James White, owner of Ice Energy, explains the benefits of energy storage for residential customers. … [Read more...]

Bring on Energy Storage–With Lower Costs

Craig Wilkins, chairman and founder of ViZn Energy Systems, which produces large-scale energy storage technology and just won an award from Frost & Sullivan, identifies the top challenges to bringing more energy storage online. He also discusses the top challenges for microgrid developers: integration and standardization. … [Read more...]

Con Edison to Meet the Energy Needs of a Changing City

Push aside your stereotype about Con Edison as a slow moving public utility Goliath, and meet an energy company determined to change how it operates.  Con Ed, which serves the metropolitan New York area, is taking an innovative, cost savings approach to delivering dependable power that offers a glimpse into the future of what I predict all major … [Read more...]

Innovation in Energy Storage and its Big Benefits

Ryan Wartena, CEO and founder of Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (GELI), which recently won an innovation award from Energy Storage North America, in this podcast identifies the challenges to integrating energy storage, especially in California. He discusses some solutions--and the many benefits to getting more energy storage online. … [Read more...]

Why The Market for PV-Plus-Storage is Growing

With PV costs dropping, storage costs dropping, and the price of serving remote locations using diesel increasing, the market for solar plus storage is increasing. Paul Bundschuh, president and chief commercial officer of Ideal Power discusses this trend and explains why his company's latest product makes solar plus storage even more attractive. … [Read more...]

Google and Microgrids: Most Read Articles on

Smart thermostats catch your attention, or at least Nest does. Microgrids interest you too. That's what we learned about you, readers, based on your visits to our site in the first six months of 2014 The most read article for the first half of this year was Google and Nest: What the $3.2 Billion Deal Says about Energy … [Read more...]

The Multi-Tasking Energy Storage Battery

Most energy storage batteries can only address short-term issues – for example, frequency and voltage regulation – or long-term issues, including time-shifting and ramping. However, with the help of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a new company has released a battery that does both simultaneously. Russ Weed, vice president of business … [Read more...]

Energy Storage To Avert Disasters

What's one of the best ways for consumers, businesses and towns/cities to avoid the kinds of emergencies we experienced with Hurricane Sandy? Energy storage allows consumers and businesses to reduce their reliance on the grid, and can be implemented in a number of ways, says Darren Hammell, co-founder and chief strategic officer for Princeton Power … [Read more...]

Deregulate to Spur Microgrid Development

How do we spur more microgrid development? Deregulate, says Imergy Power Systems' CEO Bill Watkins. The alternative is the energy equivalent of the Princess Phone. What is the single, most crucial energy policy change needed in the US to spur microgrid development? Deregulate the market and let people compete to sell electricity and other … [Read more...]

Energy Storage in NYC: This is Not a Test

Energy storage got a high profile boost this week with the announcement of vanadium batteries being installed for New York City’s power-hungry transit system. Called the CellCube, the 400-kW battery system is being housed atop the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s 1.6 million square foot office building in downtown Manhattan. The batteries … [Read more...]