VC Funding for Battery and Energy Storage Doubles from Last Quarter

Venture capital funding for battery and energy storage almost doubled between the first two quarters of this year, according to Mercom Capital Group. VC funding totaled $126 million in the second quarter of this year, up from$69 million in the previous quarter. A report by Mercom cited 13 VC funding deals with 24 investors in the second … [Read more...]

How are Solar Plus Storage Helping Ease Drought Problems?

How are solar plus energy storage helping alleviate problems created by the drought in California? Neil Fromer, executive director, Resnick Institute of Sustainability at Caltech, explains the link between water availability and energy generation. … [Read more...]

With Energy Storage Investment, Partner Viability Matters

S&C Electric's Troy Miller describes what utilities and commercial power users need to consider when choosing an energy storage partner. Energy storage is proving its value by making the grid more reliable and efficient. The market is growing, driven by demand from utilities, municipalities, and commercial facilities seeking increased … [Read more...]

Doing the Math to Bring Renewable Energy and Storage Online

As we bring more energy online from distributed energy sources, planners are grappling with a challenging math problem: How do we deal with intermittent energy produced by non-utility sources, integrate storage systems, match supply and demand, and manage it all in the most reliable and efficient manner possible? “Planners have to think about … [Read more...]

Chasing Energy Storage: Can Policy Keep up with Markets?

With energy storage advancing quickly in the electric power industry, policy finds itself chasing markets. The rules of the road have yet to be sorted out, yet energy storage already is racing ahead. Energy storage companies are announcing deals, partnerships, financing,  innovations and new customers almost daily. “Since 2013, the market had … [Read more...]

Microgrid Energy Storage Case Study

Microgrid energy storage systems are already serving as a vital component of smart microgrid projects. Here is a case study on how one community microgrid system is making a difference on a daily basis. In Presidio, Texas—one of the oldest cities in the state—frequent electrical storms have a major impact on power reliability. Residents rely on … [Read more...]

Quick News: Quick Growth in Energy Storage…Green Charge Networks Taps Ideal Power

Growth in distributed energy storage is exceeding industry expectations and is expected to grow  from 276 MW in 2015 to nearly 2,400 MW in 2018 and then 12,000 MW by 2024, according to a Navigant Research report. “Distributed storage is among the fastest-growing markets for energy storage globally,” said Anissa Dehamna, senior research analyst … [Read more...]

Second Life of Electric Vehicle Batteries in Microgrids

Is there a second life for electric vehicle batteries in microgrids? Jin Wang, He Li and Mohammed Alsolami, of Ohio State University, make the case. Increasing global energy demand in conjunction with limited supplies of fossil fuels and more stringent restrictions on greenhouse gas production have stimulated the growth of the hybrid and pure … [Read more...]

Testing The Powers of Microgrids in College Project

A project at Las Positas College in Livermore, funded by a $1.5 million grant from the California Energy Commission, will test the powers of energy storage and microgrids to integrate renewable energy sources, curb peak power and take a mission-critical circuit off-grid. Herve Mazzocco, vice president of solutions for Imergy Power Systems, … [Read more...]

The Electric Vehicle as a Power Plant: A California Utility Shows How it’s Done

For years we’ve heard about a future where our cars become sort of like mini-power plants. And now San Diego Gas & Electric is showing how it’s done. The California utility has begun bidding resources from a group of electric vehicles and energy storage systems into the state’s wholesale power market. The pilot program, one of the first … [Read more...]