How we use and save energy

By Elisa Wood September 27, 2012 When I picked up a gallon of milk at the store today, I looked at it in a new way. I was buying energy. This insight came courtesy of the US Energy Information Administration‘s recent  ‘Today in Energy’ article about industrial energy consumption. It turns out that we use about 30 percent of our energy for … [Read more...]

Desert Year:$3 Trillion Thought Experiment for Rio+20

By Skip Laitner Guest blogger, Energy Efficiency Markets Reposted from Real Climate Economics June 13, 2012 Because I roam the desert a lot, the UV Index is something I pay attention to.  It is an international standard that measures the strength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun at a given time and place. Canada was the first to adopt such … [Read more...]

Time to change habits, as well as light bulbs?

By Elisa Wood November 16, 2010 We are bombarded daily by advertisements selling us soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, cars, insurance, junk food, teeth whitener, diet programs, and on and on. But when was the last time someone tried to sell you on using more electricity? I cannot think of a single commercial that encourages us to plug-in, even … [Read more...]

Electricity still hot

By Elisa Wood April 2, 2009 Latest federal projections reveal that our passion isn’t cooling for large air-conditioned homes and electric gadgets. US households have increased their electricity use by 23% over the past decade, and consumption will grow another 20% by 2030, according Annual Energy Outlook 2009, released March 31 by the Energy … [Read more...]

Is there romance in energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood January 29, 2009 My mother told me many good reasons why I should get married. She appears to have forgotten one. It’s energy efficient. Single people – at least those without roommates – appear to be gobbling up a lot of our energy supply. In fact, one person households are a main cause of consumer energy waste, according to a … [Read more...]

How Power Hungry Is Home Entertainment?

By Patrick Costello Plasma televisions, video game consoles, and cable set-top boxes find their way into more and more American homes thanks to lower prices and aggressive marketing. While this trend makes for better home entertainment, it strikes a blow to energy conservation efforts. For example, even when just in standby mode, a plasma … [Read more...]