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By Elisa Wood June 11, 2009 I was at a meeting about three years ago where state energy commissioners and power plant developers were debating new market rules, some to take effect almost immediately, others five years out. A wise commissioner looked around the room and said something like: “All that matters are the immediate rules because … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Markets chooses its favorites of 2008

By Reid Smith January 8, 2009 We appreciate the entries submitted for Energy Efficiency Markets’ first annual ‘best of’ contest. It is difficult to select winners in an industry that is burgeoning with innovation. We hope you find our selections as intriguing as we did. Please continue to email us ( about interesting … [Read more...]

Will support for efficiency hold in 2009?

By Elisa Wood December 18, 2008 The stars are aligned to make 2009 a good year for energy efficiency -- or at least, most of the stars. President-Elect Barack Obama has assembled an energy team that supports clean technologies. Most notably, Obama named Steven Chu as energy secretary on December 15. Chu is a Nobel Prize winner and director of the … [Read more...]

Toasting Pop-Tarts cheap: How electricity may solve our energy woes

By Elisa Wood October 23, 2008 We tend to talk about electricity in terms of its problems -- it degrades the environment, costs too much and messes up scenic views. But the Manhattan Institute’s Peter Huber takes a different stand in his new report “The Million-Volt Answer to Oil.” Huber says electric power may be the cheap, efficient resource we … [Read more...]

Clean Energy Prospers: Toto, We’re Not on Wall Street Anymore

By Elisa Wood October 17, 2008 Wall Street is in the middle of an earthquake. Main Street is shaking from the tremors. Easy Street has been wiped off the map. Is there a safe haven from this economic meltdown? Green Street looks pretty appealing. Green Street is a term used increasingly to describe businesses that offer energy efficiency, solar, … [Read more...]

How Power Hungry Is Home Entertainment?

By Patrick Costello Plasma televisions, video game consoles, and cable set-top boxes find their way into more and more American homes thanks to lower prices and aggressive marketing. While this trend makes for better home entertainment, it strikes a blow to energy conservation efforts. For example, even when just in standby mode, a plasma … [Read more...]

Are the Number Crunchers Forgetting About Energy Efficiency?

By Elisa Wood June 4, 2008 What is good news for the environment is often bad news for the economy. Or least that’s the conventional wisdom. The thinking is bolstered by government findings that industrial activity and Gross Domestic Product will drop if the nation adopts a leading proposal before Congress to reduce greenhouse gases. … [Read more...]

What price motivates customers to save energy?

By Elisa Wood May 29, 2008 “Are we there yet?” We’ve heard that refrain often over the last couple of years. No, not from our kids in the backseat of the car, but from energy observers wondering exactly how much price pain the consumer will take before cutting back significantly on use. Two reports circulating this week indicate that we have … [Read more...]

Big Energy Efficiency Vote Due From Small Commission

By Reid Smith The European Union (EU) isn’t shy about implementing aggressive energy policy. In January, for example, the EU passed a proposal for Climate Action that includes an overall binding target of 20% renewable energy by 2020, according to the European Commission. The US, on the other hand continues to shy away from aggressive energy … [Read more...]

Rhode Island: Little State, Big Energy Efficiency Opportunity

By Lisa Cohn Rhode Island is often the butt of jokes about its size, a lot of them having to do with an inability among residents to screw in electric light bulbs. But when it comes to energy policy, the state has often loomed large, even if few people notice. For example, it was Rhode Island that led the way with electric industry restructuring … [Read more...]