Is Today’s Interest in Efficiency a Blip?

By Elisa Wood Political leaders push energy efficiency when electricity rates spike, then drop it like a hot potato when prices fall. So how long will the current interest last? Three reports out this week indicate power prices will not ease any time soon. Indeed, forces are in place to only push costs higher. One force is the renewable portfolio … [Read more...]

Negawatts Beat Megawatts in New England

By Lisa Cohn Energy efficiency advocates have argued for years that a negawatt is cheaper than a megawatt. That is, it is less costly to install energy efficiency equipment and reduce consumption than to build new power plants. In New England, the premise was recently tested, and the results should hearten anyone in the efficiency business. ISO … [Read more...]

A Green Apple for the Teacher

By Lisa Cohn By news accounts Barack Obama is all the rage on college campuses these days. But there is another less reported campus movement that could considerably boost the energy efficiency industry. College students nationwide have mounted a serious campaign to clean up the nation’s energy supply. And they are starting in their own backyards – … [Read more...]

Utilities: Friends of Foes of Energy Efficiency?

By Elisa Wood With oil prices so high, talk again has turned to making the U.S. more energy efficient. In the power industry, utilities have been typically charged with this mission. Or to more aptly describe it, they have gotten dragged, kicking and screaming, into helping their customers use less electricity. You can’t blame them for resisting. … [Read more...]