A Look Inside the #1 State for Energy Efficiency By the Numbers

Massachusetts has been named the #1 State for Energy Efficiency three years running by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Environment Northeast explains how the state's energy efficiency program works and shows the benefits it produces. The Green Communities Act  requires the state’s electric and natural gas distribution … [Read more...]

Microgrids and Utilities: Friend or Foe?

'Microgrids and Utilities' is the latest excerpt from our Think Microgrid guide. Microgrids face the same kind of risk as other energy projects – permitting issues, market penetration, financing, and fuel supply management. But one of the greatest and most talked about risks for a microgrid involves its relationship with the local … [Read more...]

How Can Critics of Carbon Dioxide Cap and Trade Explain This?

You can’t miss the swords drawn to slash the Obama administration’s new plan on carbon dioxide emissions. There are big dollar signs written on their hilts. Republican opponents, the Heartland Institute and others are brandishing warnings about hikes in electricity prices they say will come as coal-fired plants tumble under the restrictions. The … [Read more...]

Rhode Island's Energy Savings Plan to Give Economy $1.2 Billion Boost

Rhode Island, a state with some of the most aggressive energy savings programs in the country, has no intention of slowing down under a new three-year plan. The state Public Utilities Commission recently approved annual savings targets of as much as 2.6 percent for electricity and 1.1 percent for natural gas from 2015-2017. The savings could … [Read more...]

Good News in Connecticut’s Complicated Energy Story

It’s always hard to make the argument that things could have been worse. But that’s the reality in Connecticut as it emerges from a brutal winter. State regulators are fielding complaints from consumers who have seen their electricity prices skyrocket this winter. The state is investigating what happened. But for anyone who has followed New … [Read more...]

What if We Used Electricity Instead of Fossil Fuels for Buildings and Cars? Here’s a Plan…

We’ve heard fragments about the coming highly efficient, distributed energy grid. Now an influential Northeastern environmental group has tied it all together in what it calls EnergyVision, a campaign aimed at electrifying the US energy system. Released Feb. 3 by Environment Northeast, the national framework starts with successes in the … [Read more...]

New Jersey Needs Better Bridge to Energy Efficiency

Talk about slow. The Sierra Club is taking New Jersey to task for no movement on its energy efficiency portfolio standard in six years. The environmental organization has petitioned the state Board of Public Utilities to get going on the standard. The state legislature enacted a law in 2007 that allowed New Jersey to set the long-term, energy … [Read more...]

Stakeholder Councils: Model for Efficiency Excellence

Three states at the top of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's national scorecard – Massachusetts  (#1), Connecticut (#5), and Rhode Island (#6) – have in common an important policy model that has been one of the keys to their success in leveraging energy efficiency as a resource. Stakeholder councils make the efficiency … [Read more...]