From Naval Ships to Space Ships to Reliability Microgrids: The ERock Story

Sea, sky – and some sophisticated energy trading expertise – lies behind the reliability microgrids conceived by Enchanted Rock (ERock). The Texas-based company made a splash last week with news that it has secured financing to install 50 MW of reliability microgrids for grocery stores and other commercial and industrial customers in … [Read more...]

National Energy Storage Group Seeks Redesign of Texas Wholesale Market

We may soon hear a lot more about energy storage in Texas, where the Energy Storage Association is now contributing to wholesale market redesign efforts. The national organization is focusing on the ancillary market within the  Electric Reliability Council of Texas(ERCOT), the regional transmission organization that serves most of the state. … [Read more...]

Joule Assets Part 2: How to Achieve the Real Potential of Microgrid

Two topics keep cropping up in our conversations with energy efficiency insiders: 1) Joule Assets' new investment fund 2) Microgrid. So we recently brought the two together by asking Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon about the investment potential for microgrid. Joule Assets made headlines in January with the launch of its $100 million Energy … [Read more...]

Truck Fleet Helps Stabilize The Grid–And Earn Income

In a pilot project with the Southwest Research Institute and ERCOT, a fleet of electric powered trucks is making money by helping stabilize grid frequency. Electric trucks stop charging quickly and automatically when the grid's frequency is unstable, and the unnamed fleet owner gets paid for doing this. In this podcast, Sean Mitchem, a project … [Read more...]