Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) Growing into New U.S. and European Markets

Business is expanding for energy service companies, or ESCOs, in both the U.S. and Europe. Opportunities are developing outside of the public sector, the industry's long-time base. Now private building owners are increasingly pursuing energy retrofits too. That's the word from a new Navigant Research report that forecasts an $11.5 billion ESCO … [Read more...]

Joule Assets: Unearthing Hidden Revenue for Smaller Energy Efficiency Companies

Take heart smaller energy efficiency companies. Good times are coming. That was the positive message from Mike Gordon, CEO of Joule Assets, as his company recently rolled out news of $90 million in financing being offered to 10 US companies with a $270 million pipeline of projects. “The contractors, the technology integrators, technology … [Read more...]

It’s Still MUSH for the Energy Service Companies

After two years of a difficult market, business appears to be reviving for energy service companies (ESCOs), according to a report by Navigant Research. Schools – from kindergarten through college – continue to be the prime source of contracts. Navigant forecasts schools will provide $22 billion in cumulative ESCO revenue from 2013 through … [Read more...]

Second study forecasts strong growth for energy service companies (ESCOs)

The US energy service company (ESCO) industry is set to grow from a $4.9 billion market in 2013 to almost $8.3 billion in 2020, according to a new report by Navigant Research. The growth comes after a slowdown in business for the energy performance contractors, Navigant says. “Over the past two years, ESCOs have found it difficult to attract … [Read more...]