Four Takeaways from Today's Order 745 Supreme Court Argument

The U.S. Supreme Court today (10/14/2015)  heard oral arguments related to FERC Order 745. The case revolves around how and when customers can be paid to reduce their electricity use during periods of high demand on the grid.  NRDC's Allison Clements was at the court and provides four important takeaways. What an honor to attend oral arguments at … [Read more...]

New Development in Demand Response Ruling Signals Possible Supreme Court Review

Is debate over FERC's legal authority to regulate demand response headed to the Supreme Court?  Michael Panfil, of the Environmental Defense Fund, explains what recent action by the  Solicitor General may foretell.  Late last week, the Solicitor General signaled its intention to file cert. before the Supreme Court in the demand response Order … [Read more...]

Court Deals Setback to Demand Response, Cleaner Electric Transmission Grid

Look for demand response opponents to use a recent federal court decision as ammunition to erode use of the resource in wholesale markets, warns NRDC's John Moore  writing here with colleague Allison Clements. A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. has handed a major setback to one of the cornerstone reforms for a cleaner, more intelligent … [Read more...]