S&C Electric Offers an Energy Storage Model for the PJM Ancillary Services Market

S&C Electric Company is serving  PJM's ancillary services market with a 150-kW energy storage system located at its global headquarters in Chicago. The PureWave Community Energy Storage (CES) system will provide fast-response frequency regulation. As S&C pointed out in its news release this week, frequency regulation  minimizes the … [Read more...]

S&C Electric’s Energy Storage Serves PJM Ancillary Services Market

Most  news about wholesale electricity markets involves power trades. But increasingly another, more arcane side of the market is coming to the forefront: ancillary services. Ancillary services  can bring greater reliability and efficiency to grid operations by correcting short-term imbalances, such as sudden changes in voltage or frequency. Grid … [Read more...]

Princeton University’s Microgrid: How to Partner, Not Part from the Grid

Princeton University's microgrid is now noted worldwide for its resilience and sophistication. The facility more than proved its worth when Superstorm Sandy lashed the eastern United States in October 2012. Over eight million electric customers lost their power. But the university was able to continue to power its essential buildings and … [Read more...]

The Battery That’s Bringing Clean Energy to PJM’s Grid Part 1

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Tom Granville, CEO of Axion Power, about how the company's battery is bringing clean energy to PJM's grid, stabilizing the grid, and supporting PJM's demand-response programs. The efforts have been helped by a new FERC rule.   The Battery That's Bringing Clean Energy to PJM's Grid Part 1] … [Read more...]