Is Occupy Wall Street occupying the wrong street?

By Elisa Wood October 26, 2011 My Dad and I have a running joke when we’re in the car together. “Look,” he’ll say. “Gas is cheap. It’s down to $3.39.” Cheap, he means, compared with the month before when it was $3.79 per gallon. The joke illustrates a good point. A few years ago we were flabbergasted by gasoline prices that exceeded $3 per … [Read more...]

Will support for efficiency hold in 2009?

By Elisa Wood December 18, 2008 The stars are aligned to make 2009 a good year for energy efficiency -- or at least, most of the stars. President-Elect Barack Obama has assembled an energy team that supports clean technologies. Most notably, Obama named Steven Chu as energy secretary on December 15. Chu is a Nobel Prize winner and director of the … [Read more...]

How Long Will Efficiency Be the Favored Choice?

By Elisa Wood June 26, 2008 Energy efficiency creates an odd sort of market. Nothing (lack of energy use) competes for customers against something (energy generation). There is no free lunch and even nothing, energy efficiency, costs something. But for now it is cheaper than its main competitor, the power plant. In fact, it is often three times … [Read more...]