Obama Bypasses Congress and Turns to Big Business to Make Energy Efficiency Happen

It’s never a bad thing to have the leader of the free world in your corner. And President Barrack Obama made clear again last week that he’s with energy efficiency. At a Walmart in Silicon Valley, Obama laid out his next round of green energy expansion plans. Sexy solar got much of the play in the media coverage. But staid energy efficiency was in … [Read more...]

Restructuring US Public Electric Utilities: Using the General Motors Bailout Paradigm

Could the United States public electric utility industry be gradually heading toward a federal bailout, or a series of state bailouts? Helping to drive this debate is the September 3rd, 2013 Markets Research Report, authored by Vishal Shah and issued by Deutsche Bank Securities, titled, "Distributed Generation to Herald New US Growth Era." The … [Read more...]